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  • 1Possible and practical to do easily or conveniently.

    ‘the Dutch have demonstrated that it is perfectly feasible to live below sea level’
    • ‘This last idea seemed the best to me - and the most feasible to try and achieve as well.’
    • ‘There are lots of problems with that sort of design, but it should be practically feasible.’
    • ‘A public health policy of mass screening for ovarian cancer may not prove feasible for several reasons.’
    • ‘This is an especially useful method for limiting items to only those considered feasible in practice.’
    • ‘Is there any long term, feasible solution to parking problems in Bangalore?’
    • ‘It seems to me someone could come up with a feasible solution for Bradford.’
    • ‘But though it would be technically possible, would such tracking be feasible?’
    • ‘We therefore had to make a judgment as to whether repopulation was realistic or feasible.’
    • ‘For small companies, where centralized management is not a desideratum, this solution may be feasible.’
    • ‘The preferred criterion model was found to be feasible and acceptable to general practitioners.’
    • Checkered Women Pepe Checkered Pepe Checkered Shirt Shirt Jeans Pepe Jeans Shirt Pepe Jeans Women Women ‘This would certainly be feasible in Europe and possibly in the Americas.’
    • ‘Sensible reform is feasible and no more costly than the existing shambles.’
    • ‘However, this time consuming procedure is hardly feasible in general practice and therefore is seldom done.’
    • ‘Amelioration of such limitations is quite feasible and would do much to strengthen rural practice.’
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    • ‘It may not, in fact, be feasible or even possible to continue to tell or rely on only that kind of story.’
    • ‘A pledge is then feasible only if it is practical to separate the goods in question from the rest.’
    • ‘There are two answers to that: one is an imperfect but feasible solution, and one is more idealised.’
    • ‘It would be a feasible solution that could be enacted with a handful of live shows.’
    • ‘We truly believe that this is a transport policy that is manageable, practical and feasible.’
    • ‘Clinical observations on traditional remedies are feasible and useful.’
    practicable, practical, workable, achievable, attainable, realizable, viable, realistic, sensible, reasonable, within reason, within the bounds of possibility
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  • 2Likely; probable.

    ‘the most feasible explanation’
    • ‘A feasible explanation for this discrepancy can be found in this work.’
    • ‘It is a perfectly feasible religious position to imagine a god as non-interventionist.’
    • ‘I think it's actually still a feasible explanation.’
    likely, most likely, odds-on, expected, to be expected, anticipated, predictable, foreseeable, ten to one, presumed, potential, credible, quite possible, possible
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Late Middle English: from Old French faisible, from fais-, stem of faire ‘do, make’, from Latin facere.